Tim Witprächtiger
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I am Bachelor of Arts and 3D Artist at Ubisoft.



Hi, my name is Tim Witprächtiger. I studied to be a Bachelor of Arts at Universty of Applied Science in Kaiserslautern and I'm currently working as a 3D artist at Ubisoft. The biggest part of my work there is to create lowpoly game assets, creating highpoly models for baking maps, texturing and working with PBR shaders and environments. The studying of virtual design introduced me into the workflow of a CGI artist. I was working on many different projects containing character design, character animation, architecture and product visualization. Part of those projects were rigging and animation of characters as well as hard surface objects, modeling, texturing, creating photorealistic shaders and lighting environments and rendering. I created several trailers and short movies from scratch to the final movie with all the different work steps.
Since working at Ubisoft I deepened my skills in creating game assets including lowpoly and highpoly modeling and also designing handpainted textures.
Furthermore I've a lot of experience in designing interactive touchscreen applications and virtual reality games in Unity3D and the creation of the corresponding user interfaces.


2016 - today
3D Artist at Ubisoft, Germany

2011 - 2015
University of Applied Science, Kaiserslautern, Germany
Study of Virtual Design

2008 - 2010
University of Applied Science, Zweibrücken, Germany
Study of media computer science